Lust and Desire of life

Lust...!!! Sweet excruciatingly chills, hot desires, short breaths, wet lips, shaky hands, knots of cold sweat, guilt!!! Lust...!!!! Sign of life, health, sexuality, vitality, pain, despair, guilt!!! 

Lust...!!! A feeling, which makes us happy, loud, atrocious, fond, unhappy, weak, cowardly, violent, but above all keeps alive and our five senses!!! Lust...!!!! The desire flowing slowly, excruciatingly, voluptuous means in our veins and determines our existence, intimate desire, Almighty, sacred eroticism secret religion within us!!! Loves die when you die and are born desire when it flares up the desire!!! Our amazement to everyone overpowers! Absolute, passionate, Almighty, blustery, blind, obsessive, sweet and unending! Others succumbed to the call of and lived the eruption, with all their SENSES! Others resisted and were left with a vast gap to mirrored in their gaze, a bitterness and an excruciating BECAUSE the lips!!!

The Sappho describes craving like a maniasmeni desire!!! Pope Gregory the great in the 6th century, it included the desire among the deadly sins!!! For centuries, the desire is an animalist emotion, destroying men and women!!! The Puritans conceal the craving and lust under t ' their dull clothes!!! The religious repress the feeling of desire, because the desire is a sin!!! Lust is an aforismeno feeling!!! Yet the desire is the spice of life!!! The incense of love!!! The fire that burns our guts and fighting to extinguish the flares up!!! The sanctity and the guilt of enjoyment!!! 

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